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Millstream Hotel and Restaurant Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Millstream Hotel and Restaurant - Article Example The exquisite parlor, with its agreeable and extravagant, stupendous piano, sprinkled with newly cut blossoms and serene mood, is the perfect spot to visit up with companions over evening tea or an aperitif. Bosham is a perfect community from which to find this territory of stupendous regular magnificence and recorded interest.â This wonderful inn has 35 rooms out of which three are suites and each room is enriched in a remarkably rich manner with all the important courtesies for a lavish and agreeable remain. The inn is found near some great recreational offices like golf, cruising, squash, riding and water sports which can be effectively gotten to. The well known eatery is open all during that time and serves probably the most magnificent luxuries in that piece of town. There are a couple of well known chronicled attractions for the holidaymakers like Chichester Festival Theater, Fishbourne Roman Palace, and West Dean Gardens. On a bright day, the gardens can be welcoming where you can unwind under the shade and appreciate the ducks in the close by lake. You can appreciate a lovely night in the excellent and all around kept gardens alongside your loved ones over some tea and delectable bites. A very much kept up and lavish spa can increase the value of the inhabitants who can unwind and appreciate a decent back rub or get spoiled in style. The spa is the most recent pattern in the lodging business around the globe. You can add on a spa office or take on a marked spa on the establishment which can help your lodgings' office viewpoint all things considered. The greater part of the customers currently expect a spa in the lodging as they search for a total unwinding bundle while looking into an inn. The wellbeing the travel industry has gotten on in a major manner where wellbeing and wellbeing spas are frequented by voyagers who are turning out to be wellbeing and magnificence cognizant. A well-prepared spa can give visitors Jacuzzi, steam, sauna, intriguing back rubs and different medicines that would add on to the advantage of the hotel.â

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Into the Wild Journal free essay sample

I'm not catching that's meaning? Are on the whole biographers unbiased? What may we anticipate from Krakauer? † * It implies that he will express his sentiment in irregular parts in the story. We would expect that he would concur with McCandless, yet * â€Å"In the last passage, Krakauer presents the unpredictability of Chris McCandless. Remember the accompanying four inquiries as you read the text:† 1. â€Å"Should we respect McCandless for his mental fortitude and honorable thoughts? † * somehow or another yes and no. Indeed, on the grounds that he is getting some significant abilities that he won't adapt anyplace else. No, on the grounds that he ought to of conveyed I. D. o that when he kicked the bucket individuals would of realized that he was, so his folks would of known were he was over the most recent two years. 2. â€Å"Was he a wild nitwit? † * Yes, since he didn’t tell anybody where he was going. What's more, he was haughty to not convey fundamental things for his excursion. We will compose a custom paper test on Into the Wild Journal or on the other hand any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page 3. â€Å"Was he insane? † * Yes, he was insane he didn’t need to tell individuals where he was going. Also, he didn’t ever tell any individual who he truly was. â€Å"Was he pompous and idiotic and narcissist? † * Yes, he was egotistical in light of the fact that he should individuals what he was doing and he ought to of told individuals who he truly was. â€Å"4. Making Predictions and Asking Questions† â€Å"Look up Outside Magazine and compose a full page depicting the magazine? † 1. â€Å"Why do you think Krakauer composed this specific book? † * People could of know McCandless life and how his excursion to Alaska and individuals could of known his hardship he confronted will bumming a ride â€Å"5. Presenting Key Vocabulary† â€Å"6. First Reading: Chapter 1 amp; 2† * â€Å"Note the sections that start every one of these parts. On is by a companion of Chris McCandless and the other is by McCandless, trailed by a citation from White Fang by Jack London? † * â€Å"Complete the character examination for Chris McCandless:† Focus on the characters ethnics. † * His ethnics were that never to leave anything incomplete. He constantly needed to take care of business regardless. 2. â€Å"Deicide whether the characters activities are insightful or incautious. † * His choices were hasty in light of the fact that he didn’t have any kind of plan and he was not well arranged. He never had a back up plan in the event that he were at risk for anything. 3. â€Å"What is the characters inspiration? † * His choices were that he simply needed to bum a ride to Alaska and needed to live outside and simply needed to escape from everybody. 4. â€Å"Consider the impacts of the character’s conduct on different characters. * His impact was that everybody needed to associate with him to tune in to the tales that he would ell about him bumming a ride to Alaska. He never tells anybody his genuine name, and uses the nom de plume of Alexander McCandless. 5. â€Å"Look for more than once utilized words that portray the character. He utilizes word that depicts what he looks like. 6. â€Å"Is the Character ‘Flat’ or ‘Rounded’? A character is viewed as level (or static) when the person doesn't encounter change of any sort, doesn't develop from start to finish. Round characters are the individuals who do encounter a type of development. * He is a â€Å"rounded† character since he experience change and pardons his folks while he is in nature. â€Å"7. Section 3: ‘Home† * â€Å"Write a half page reaction of every one of the accompanying questions† 1. â€Å"What was Westerberg like? What sort of character did he have? † 2. â€Å"What was McCandless like? What sort of character did he have? OK like of known him? † McCandless was an individual that everybody like and each one regarded him for acting naturally. In the event that I could meet him I would of advised him to pardon his folks and to seek after his law profession. â€Å"8. Part 4: ‘The Journey† ) â€Å"Study the guide that starts section 4 and alludes to it as you follow McCandless’s venture. † a) â€Å"In your diary, list the individuals McCandless met en route. † b) â€Å"What was it about McCandless’s character that made an imprecision on individuals? † * It is that he is so free and he does anything he desires to do and everybody likes to help him since he recounts to a great deal of stories. The narratives are what individuals like to find out about. c) â€Å"Note Alex’s diary. For what reason do you think he abstained from utilizing the main individual when he discussed himself? Why doesn’t he utilize the pronoun ‘I’? * He abstained from utilizing the main individual tone since he feel that the story is increasingly about McCandless and he doesn’t need to concentrate to much on himself. d) â€Å"What was the motivation behind section 4? † * That he ought to have been conveying his I. D. since he was halted by movement and they didn’t comprehend how to manage him since they didn’t know what his identity was. e) â€Å"Characterize Ronald Franz. What sort of person right? Did he compassion? Why or Why not? † He was a decent individual and he did fell compassion when McCandless kicked the bucket and he wanted that McCandless would bite the dust since he was the last individual that he was with. ) â€Å"What more did you find out about Alex’s relationship with his dad? Do you think his resentment is defended? Why or Why not? † * That it was an affection detest relationship and McCandless abhorred his dad yet he constantly cherished his mom. He didn’t need to hurt his folks be disclosing to them he was going to Alaska.

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Gift a Smile

Gift a Smile However you celebrate this week, and regardless of what you giveâ€"presence, presents, or contributionâ€"remember what youre actually trying to gift: a smile. Merry Christmas from The Minimalists! Subscribe to The Minimalists via email.

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The Early History of Football

Derived from the English game of rugby, American football was started in 1879 with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University. Walter Camp Walter Camp was born April 17, 1859, in New Haven, Connecticut. He attended Yale from 1876 to 1882, where he studied medicine and business. Walter Camp was an author, athletic director, chairman of the board of the New Haven Clock Company, and director of the Peck Brothers Company. He was the general athletic director and head advisory football coach at Yale University from 1888-1914, and chairman of the Yale football committee from 1888-1912. Camp played football at Yale and helped evolve the rules of the game away from Rugby and Soccer rules into the rules of American Football as we know them today. One precursor to Walter Camps influence was William Ebb Ellis, a student at the Rugby School in England. In 1823, Ellis was the first person noted for picking up the ball during the soccer game and running with it, thereby breaking and changing the rules. In 1876, at the Massosoit convention, the first attempts at writing down the rules of American football were made. Walter Camp edited every American Football rulebook until his death in 1925. Walter Camp contributed the following changes from Rugby and Soccer to American football: one side retained undisputed possession of the ball until that side gives up the ball as a result of its own violationsthe line of scrimmage11 on a team instead of 15created the quarterback and center positionsforward passstandardized the scoring system, numerical scoringcreated the safety, interference, penalties, and the neutral zonetackling as low as the knee was permitted - 1888a touchdown increased in value to six points and field goals went down to three points - 1912 The NFL or the National Football League was formed in 1920. A1903 Princeton and Yale Football Game was filmed by Thomas A. Edison

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Key Components Of A Computer Essay - 1045 Words

A computer is a system of parts that work and interconnect with each other. When it comes to the number of items that make up a computer it comes down to one number, Seven. There are seven key components that a computer is made of. Starting with what holds all the parts, part number one is the case. Your computer would be just a pile of parts and wires without it. The second important component is the power supply. The power supply is what brings your computer and its components to life. The next component is the hard drive. The hard drive is used to store data. Now to the heart and the brain of a computer. The motherboard is the center of the computer. The motherboard allows all the other computer parts to communicate with each other. Following the motherboard is the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the CPU is what tells all the other components where the data should go. Following the CPU and Motherboard is the RAM. Random Access Memory (RAM) is used by applications to start. This is faster than the getting the info from the hard drive. The last component needed is a disc drive. This is needed to download software and or an operating system onto your computer, as well as reading CD’s, DVD’s and eve n blue ray disks. All seven items are needed in order for a computer to work and function. Computer Hardware Every computer is made up of a group of parts that all work and communicate together. This series of parts is what you can physically see and hold. Simply put, aShow MoreRelatedThe Key Component Of Computer Systems1371 Words   |  6 Pages Memory has been the key component of computer systems right from the beginning. The convergence of consumer, communication, and data processing applications combined with the rapid growth of cloud computing services have led to an explosive growth in memory requirement (Baldi et al., 2014; Abaker et al., 2015). At present, DRAM and NAND flash memories together make up 89% of the memory market (Baldi et al., 2014). The success of DRAM and flash has been essentially attributed to their small cellRead MoreComputer Security : Key Components Of Pc Security1099 Words   |  5 PagesComputer Security is an issue of critical significance for all associations, considering the way that data frameworks have turned into an essential piece of vital getting ready for all real organizations. Organizations need to find the key components of PC security while arranging their data frameworks technique. Computer security alludes to the assurance given to robotized data structures with a specific end goal to ensure their respectability, accessibility, and secrecy. Computer security includesRead MoreOperating Systems Is A Key Component Of The Whole Computer Machine Operating System1544 Words   |  7 Pagescrucial component of the whole computer machine operating systems are used to run the computer without this the computers will be hopeless the back of he computer is where operating system is the OS of the computer is usually in Rom chip so its stored in there going back to when I said that it’s a crucial part on computer that’s because it enables your computer to have a desktop and also it enables it to run other pieces of software what are called programs so basically it manages your computers hardwareRead MoreWhy Are Computers Important Today? World?1188 Words   |  5 PagesWhy are computers important in today’s world? Computers have become important in today’s world because they are used in most fields of work, even the unexpected lines of work use computers for example; Doctors rely on computers to store data for medical research and even keeping information about patients. Nowadays, we rely so much on computers to help us to accomplish tasks easily, communicate, educate and there are many more uses. Identify the main parts of a computer System Unit The system unitRead MoreMain Purpose of Liquid Crystal Display/Flat Panel Monitors956 Words   |  4 Pagescrystal display. LCD technology can be found in computer monitors. LCD displayer is the monitor; the main purpose of a monitor in a computer system is to show text and graphics, which are generated by the computer. The LCD monitor is connected by a cable. One side of the cable is plugged into the back of the monitor and the other side of the cable is plugged into the hard drive cable port. Computer case- A computer case is also known as a computer chassis, system unit, base unit or simply just aRead MoreA Career in a Vital Part of Society, Computers Essay664 Words   |  3 Pagestoday’s age, the human race has great dependences on computers, vital in order for society to function. Various systems depend on the use of computers, which brings the question. Who can help build and maintain these diverse mechanisms? This brought me to a career that appreciated how electronics benefit and help shape our future. Many Fields derive from Electronics Technology, yet one had captured my interest Computer Hardware Specialists†. Computer Hardware Specialists consist of various studies andRead MoreComparison of Mac Vs. PC Essay1002 Words   |  5 Pageshardware and the operating system. The hardware of the computer is basically all the key components that composes a computer. Basically, the four key components of computer to analyze is the CPU which is the brain of t he computer, the motherboard which the heart of the computer, the RAM which is the memory processing device, and the graphics card which generates images onto the monitor. In addition to the computer hardware, the next part of the computer to analyze is the operating system. Worldnetweb definesRead MoreEssay on The Hardware Information System1279 Words   |  6 PagesHardware Computer Information System has became popular all around the world, due to its rapid growth. In current days, almost every single person is using IS in their daily life. Information System lead to a great change in people`s life style, it is any kind of systems and it consist of six main elements which are people, hardware, software, communication network, data resources, policies and procedures. all of these elements are working together in order to operate more efficiently andRead MoreThe Digital Literacy Training Program Essay1623 Words   |  7 PagesGoals and Objectives The module served as an introduction to basic computer skills. All students completing this course will be able to operate a computer, familiarize themselves with computer terms, usage and get acquainted with core areas of computer software. The students will have a better working knowledge in regards to the concepts and techniques of computer operations. Students will be better prepared to enter into the labor market and or be better prepared for today’s employment demandsRead MoreUsing Windows And Osx ( Apple )1041 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction In this report I will be writing about the key components which are needed for any computer to be able to run and work. I will be writing about them in detail to show what they do and how they help make the computer work. I am also going to go over some extra components which can be added to make them run better and quicker. Along with the components, I am going to talk about what an operating system is and why it is needed. To go into more depth with operating systems I am going to

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Supermarket Marketing Free Essays

1) For this assignment I decided to visit the Tom Thumb Supermarket located in Lovers Lane. When I walked into the supermarket the first thing I saw was a stand in the middle of a small-like room in which people get the kart to do their shopping. In this stand there were organic fruits such as apples, peaches, melons, kiwi and a couple of other small fruits. We will write a custom essay sample on Supermarket Marketing or any similar topic only for you Order Now All of them contained the yellow sign of â€Å"every day savings†, meaning that the fruits were on a discount from their regular prices. I think that the retailer strategically puts these items in the entrance since they know fruits are a high demand product for consumers. Once I passed through the doors and into the supermarket, I observed a flower stand with many flowers for sale and many stands containing chips and many soft drinks that came in boxes like coca-cola, sprite, Canada dry and others. I think that the flowers are great location since they attract every consumer that walks into the supermarket independently if he/she is going to buy flowers or not. It also gives a better experience to the consumer as he walks in, since flowers are produce a sense of calm for many. ) As I walked through the supermarket, I reached the pharmacy of the supermarket. As I had seen in many places before such as CVS and Walgreens, this supermarket also had generic brands in many of the medications being sold. These generic brands were found among the most common medications sold daily. Beside Advil, Tylenol, and ZzzQuil, there were the generic products. The generic products had a simpler look from the outside than the national brand names, but contained the exact same ingredients as the national brands, for $2 and up to $3 dollars less in most cases. There were also generic products for well-known brands such as Tums, Mucinex, Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, and even Pepto Bismol. I believe that that these brands are positioned this way so the consumer is able to compare the national brand to a generic product and realize that the only difference between them is the price and a nice looking box. 3) While walking through the aisles I realized that there were products at the end-of-aisle that were not from the same category as the aisle. There was a similarity between all of these products that were located at the end-cap. The majority of these items were snacks or small products for daily use. These items were mostly chips, there were some with water and it was the cheapest one, one contained small toys, wine, and soft drinks. I believe that these items are located at the end-cap since it is something that almost every consumer likes and wants. So it is a strategic location for retailers to place products that have a very high demand. 4) I was not shocked to see an item that was displayed in two different locations since it was one that we usually do not relate to a supermarket. While walking to the pharmacy there was a stand in the middle of the aisle. This stand contained ceramic plates and silverware, there were also a few toys and a lot of hard plastic containers for water or drinks. These items were located in a different area than they usually are. I imagine that these products do not have a lot of demand. So the retailer tries to create this demand by separating the product into two locations and probably attract consumers in different locations such as the pharmacy that could be more interested in the product. ) When I went to the mustard category I realized that the most expensive type of mustard were also among the most famous brands. The most expensive mustard was Heinz, followed by other brands such as Safeway, Guldens, Jack Daniels, and Grey Poupon, which were in the same price range. The cheapest mustard was the French’s brand, which I am almost sure is no different than the Heinz mustard. The differences in prices among the mustards wer e also influenced by the type of mustard not only the brand. The Dijon, Horseradish, Spicy Brown, Sweet and Spicy, and Brown mustards were more expensive than regular plain mustard. How to cite Supermarket Marketing, Papers

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The Hip

Introduction Hip-hop is a contemporary wave of civilization consisting of music, style, and art. Hip- hop is one of the most famous music genres in the world of music. The genre has been made very famous in America in the recent decades by young African -American artistes. Currently, its fame and appeal has spread worldwide.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Hip-Hop Genre Origin and Influence specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This paper will extensively analyze the origin of the hip-hop genre with special focus given to its African roots. The paper will as well analyze four elements that are influenced by hip-hop culture. The four elements include Disk jockey, Graffiti, Rappers and the break dance. Additionally, the paper will extensively look at four contemporary artistes, their influence on other artists, genres, culture, religion and political as well as the economy. Finally, the paper will look at o ther genres that led to the development of hip-hop genre, and draw a comparison of specific musical traits found in hip-hop as opposed to earlier genres. Origin of Hip Hop The term hip-hop is a mixture of two break-up colloquial speeches -â€Å"hip† which was used as African American dialect as early as 1898, denoting current or knowledgeable, and â€Å"hop†, for the hopping association (Kimberly, 2004). Hip-hop music has its source in African-American music and African music. The genre is associated with a group of traveling West African singers and poets termed the Griot (Kimberly, 2004). The style of singing of the Griot was similar to that of current rappers. According to Forman Neal (2004), Keith cowboy was the first artiste credited with creation of the term Hip-hop. He did not intend on a new music genre name; rather, his intention was teasing a friend who had joined the US Army. Moy (2004), notes that Keith and DJ Hollywood used the term Hip-hop when the music was still known as disco rap. The actual time in which Hip hop as genre was adopted in the US is still not clear but according to Forman Neal (2004), the Griot -like presentation of spoken words had a great bang on post-civil war period i.e. the American society of the 60s. In actual sense, Hip-hop was for the first time generally accepted as a culture in New York City in the 1970s, through the block parties that were made famous by the combination of African- American and the Puerto Rican influence. Mostly, the music would be played in nightclubs within New York City (Hess, 2007).Advertising Looking for research paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hess (2007), in addition, notes that from 1970s, the development of Hip-hop as a culture has been very complex due to immigrants from different parts of the world, who in one way or another equally contributed to the dynamic hip-hop culture as it is known toda y. Of specific importance in the development of Hip-hop music in US and New York City in particular is the American sailor DJ Kool Herc, who on migrating from Jamaica in 1967 started Dup style mixing that became extremely popular in Jamaica. Elements that are influenced by Hip Hop culture Disc jockey Disk Jockeys popularly called DJ is one of the four essentials that are influenced by the Hip-hop civilization. Popularly known as DJ or deejay, a disk jockey is a person who picks and play recorded music in effort to entertain his or her audience. Initially, disk was a term used to refer to gramophone; while disc was used to refer to compact disc. Today, the phrase includes all types of music playback, regardless of the medium. Several kinds of disc jockeys currently exist; and they include Radio deejays that are responsible for introducing and playing music that is transmitted on radio waves or on Internet radios. The other type of DJs is the club DJs who determine and play music in b ars and nightclubs, at raves or even in arena. Hip-hop deejays select and play music using various turntables, often to support one or more musicians popularly known as MC’s. Similarly Hip-hop deejays may in addition do disc spinning or scratching to produce percussive reverberation (Weigant, 1999). Weigant (1999) further observes that in reggae a singer who rap, or makes conversation over pre-recorded beat tracks where the person choosing and singing them is known as a selector. Mobile DJs on the other hand traverse with transportable sound systems and play recorded music at assortment of events. Since the inception of Hip-hop culture in the 70s, the art of deejaying has undergone tremendous changes, with almost every other kind of deejaying having something to copy from the Hip-hop deejaying (spears, 1999). Spear remarks that clear illustrations are changes experienced in nightclub deejaying as well as reggae deejaying where the ideologies of hip-hop scratching, cross fader stabs and mixing is nowadays very prominent. Graffiti (art) As Hip-hop continues to spread all over the world, so will some of the elements such as Graffiti, which are heavily influenced by the culture. Political activists and gangsters used, according Emery (2004), graffiti as a form of expression.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Hip-Hop Genre Origin and Influence specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More They were used to mark political boundaries as well as forming a sign of belonging to a certain group of gangs. Emery (2004), however, observes that the hip-hop civilization has indeed incorporated other meanings to graffiti; currently, tattoos and other funny drawings on one body is an indication of one’s loyalty to the hip-hop culture. Emery (2004), further notes that the affiliation flanked by graffiti and hip-hop customs arises from the emergence of latest and progressively more complicated and omnipresent type of the practice in vicinity where other essentials of hip-hop were developing as art forms- through a profound overlap connecting persons who wrote graffiti and those who adopted other fundamentals of the culture. Rappers Though there has always been a contradiction between Hip hop and Rap, Mitchell (2004), observes that Hip hop is not Rap and goes to the extent of defining, Rapping as a technique of transmitting a message, like singing, whining and whistling. Mitchell (2004) further clarifies that according to the founders of Hip-hop, it was meant to be a sub-culture, or means of living and governing one’s life. However, this did not restrain Hip-hop to have effect on Rap music and mostly in US and Jamaica. The Jamaicans who migrated to the US found it hard to refrain themselves from incorporating the reggae genre with Rap and eventually resulted into a brand of music called Ragga or dancehall. Break dance Break dance is a major element of hip-hop music tha t evolved in 60s. It is a dynamic style of dancing that incorporates a person dancing in such a way as to portray that person as one without a Skeleton. The dancing style evolved as part of the Hip-hop revolution and so far, it has been incorporated in other genre of music and not just hip-hop (Perkins, 1996). Perkins (1996), in addition, observes that a popular move of the break dance is called the Head spin, a shift in which a person seizes their whole body mass on their head. Famous contemporary artists of Hip hop Music Tupac Amur Shakur Early Life Tupac Amaru shakur is one of the most celebrated Hip-hop musicians of all the time (Olson, 2005). He was born of Afeni Shakur and Billy Garland in 1971 on the east Harlem in New York City (Olson, 2005). His parents were active members of an organization fighting for the rights of black minority in New York (Olson, 2005). Olson (2005) further notes that Shakur was a promising artiste from his young age and apart from regularly participa ting in drama and plays in high school, he was one of the best poet and rapper in school. Rapping Life Though very promising as an artiste, Shakur did not live long to enjoy fully the fruits of his talent. In late 1993, in a group of his friends and brother, Shakur formed a music group called ‘thugs life’ and happened to record only one album, which was produced by Johnny â€Å"j† Jackson (Olson, 2005). The album went gold i.e. selling millions of copies, with most of the songs in the album hitting platinum in sales as well as topping the billboards for records (Olson, 2005).Advertising Looking for research paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conflict with Law Most of Shakur’s early songs were perceived to encourage violence and anarchy and mostly against the law enforcing officers (Olson, 2005). Olson (2005) in particular notes a case involving a young black man who was arrested over the killing of a police officer. After a thorough investigation, the young man was found to be a diehard of Tupac music and of concern in the case, was the fact that the young man was listening to Tupac songs in his Walkman radio cassette in the instance when he committed the crime. This led a request from the then vice president of the US that such music from Shakur is done away with from the countries music stores. Being a talented artiste notwithstanding, Shakur’s short life was full of controversies and most of his adult life was spent either in jail or in law court’s corridors. In two notably instances, he was jailed for shooting a law enforcing officers as well as for sexual molestation. Nevertheless, his fame fol lowed him inside prison where, while still serving his sentence for sexually molesting a woman, he released an album that went on record for both the best selling album by a single rapper serving jail term, as well as for topping billboards for five consecutive weeks. Death Tupac shakur met his death in Las Vegas after attending a boxing match featuring Mike Tyson. He was shot five times and died few days later due to respiratory problem as well internal bleeding caused by the gunshots. What made shakur to stand out among his peers and other competing musicians of his time were his immense talent and his originality (Olson, 2005). Olson (2005), further notes that many rappers of the 90s attest that almost every single rapper of the time borrowed something from the life of Tupac. His social activism against black injustices was another factor that propelled him to such magnitude of fame, almost making him a legend in the Hip-hop world Kanye West Kanye West was born in 1977 in Atlanta Georgia to an English professor mother and award winning photographer father. His parents separated when West was young, hence was partly raised by his mother in Chicago and occasionally stayed with his father during the summer vocations. Hip hop Life West’s hip-hop life started early in life, though in a very controversial way. After completing high school, West enrolled in the University to study arts, but later dropped out after only one year. He later confessed that he was not learning fast enough while at school and consequently the decision to drop out, because life was teaching him better. West, contrary to many other great Hip-hop artistes has a reputation of recording inspirational songs, which differs from many other songs from artiste in the same genre. Of particular importance in West way of life is his appreciation of God given talent to inspire and help the needy. He was among the artistes who participated in a 2005 music concert that took place in 5 different continents of the world, trying to recommend world leaders and mostly from developed countries to increase their efforts in trying to eradicate poverty in Africa. Through his sole effort, Kanye West has revolutionalized the Hip-hop music i.e. changing the tradition negative perception associated with the Music to a socially acceptable standing. Initially, Hip-hop reflected a chaotic and gangster like sort of entertainment. Many hip-hop artistes have been banned by different governments of the world for their dirty hip-hop lyrics, which many perceive as a bad inspiration to the young generation Influence of Tupac Shakur and Kanye West on other artists, genres, cultural, political, economical influences, religious etc Many great hip-hop artistes have so far influenced the life of other artiste, world cultures and economies. However, Tupac Shakur and Kanye West’s influence stands out compared to the rest of the artistes. Influence on other artistes The effect of Tupac Shakur was evident both while alive and later in life after his death. In many interviews, many hip-hop artistes concurred that Tupac did not sound or copied anyone who lived before him. He was just himself and that alone encouraged many artistes making them to believe in themselves very much and in the process became very successful in their music careers. Similarly, Kanye West has had an equal effect on other artistes, with many describing him as a phenomenon in the music industry. West is reputed for his unique qualities in music production and equally for his enormous talents in writing, composing as well as singing. West has in the process helped many renowned and seasoned musicians such as Jay z, Mary J Blinge, Beyonce and many others Culture Tupac shakur single handedly revolutionalized the Hip-hop culture. Starting from music itself, it was during his time that hip hop music was able to escalate to the level it is today. Hip hop became popular the world over as a result of the rivalry between the east coast and west coast groups of hip hop musician. On clothing, style and fashion, Tupac became a fashion icon and everything he wore was an instant hit to be emulated by all especially the youths (Price 2006). It is further observed by Price (2006) that sagging trousers, fitting tops ,gangster-like and prison cloths became an instant dressing style, most of which were associated or originated from shakur. The other part of culture to be influenced by Shakur was in art. This particular concept took the Hip-hop world with complete craziness as almost every musician was drawn a tattoo on his or her body. This art became so popular that even non-musician also participated in the drawing. Tupac in particular had more than one tattoo and one was dedicated to his first Hip-hop group called the Thug life. Other elements associated with Hip-hop sub culture included strange hairstyles, Gold teeth the crucifix among many others. On the hairstyle Tupac in person was bald headed a shaving style he is almost synonymous with. However, other artiste would be found pleating their hair while others would entertain funny haircuts. Economic influence Hip Hop’s economic influence became more pre-eminent upon Tupac Shakur’s death. Economically, Hip-hop was viewed as the cheapest means of making one a multi millionaire over night. To some extent, this proved to be true. Posthumously, Tupac had sold millions of albums worth millions of Dollars. West on the other side has as well registered an overwhelmingly large fortune from his music career. The industry, with no doubt, is capable of changing one’s life overnight. Owing to the influence of Tupac, many more musicians started the race to be the next millionaires (Donalson, 2007). Additionally, Donalson (2007), remarks that this resulted in recording and selling of multi millions music projects and that apart from music, Tupac hugely benefited from his talents in acting where he was featured in qu ite many movies. Once again, this became another source of wealth and almost every Hip-hop musician turned an actor or simultaneous performed both roles. Other genres that lead to the development of Hip hop Music. Before hip-hop became what it is today, several other genres had eased toward the development of Hip-hop. Of particular concern was the Griot-like performance associated with rapping poetry. Other genres included the Dup music that originated from Jamaica as well as the famously genre known as disco, which was mostly played in rave at nightclubs. Comparison of specific musical traits found in hip-hop as opposed to earlier genres Compared to the earlier genres, hip-hop has so much revolutionalized such that one may fail to establish any relationship between Hip-hop and the earlier genres. The performance of hip-hop for instance has greatly changed in that an artiste can perform in any venue be it a stadium, or in night clubs (Roy, 2004. Roy (2004), notes that earlier genres had specific avenues and that it was extremely hard for one to perform anywhere like it is the case today. Similarly, Roy (2004) notes that the way hip-hop is performed currently is different from the way it was played in earlier genres. Earlier genres did not incorporate much of electric instrument and mostly relied on simple instrument, which is definitely the case today. Conclusion Looking hundreds of years back, one cannot fail to marvel at the long journey that Hip-hop has so far endured to be the darling of many today. Starting with its origin from West Africa through the traveling Gloit musicians, Hip-hop has undergone tremendous revolution. Hip-hop of today is very different from the way it was initially composed and played. The genre has as well taken part in changing people’s day-to-day way of life starting from economic, cultural to political. Along the tiresome journey, it has had it high and low moments, claiming lives of many great artistes while at the same ti me helping to spread inspiration message of hope to the homesteads of millions of needy people worldwide. Nevertheless, Hip-hop has as well attracted admirers and critics. Many critics perceive the music as a bad inspiration to the young people; this was occasioned by its gangster- like stand and thus has been fought in many fronts. Many Hip-hop artistes have for long been on collision course with the law due to the kind of rebellious attitudes it ferments. Consequently, most of the genre’s critics spearheaded campaigns for its ban. Overall, the genre has fought off many critics and today it still stands shoulder high as a favorite genre. With the initiatives from new artiste to modernize the genre, it is beyond doubt that Hip-hop will attract more admirers. Slowly, hip-hop lovers have been keen on changing the negative perception, beliefs and attitude some members of society have of the genre. Reference List Donalson, M. (2007). Hip-hop in America. Peter Lang Publisher: New York Emery, A. (2004). the book of hip hop covers art, Mitchell Beazley publisher, New Hampshire. Forman, M. 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